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Going Platinum DialUp ISP $12.45/month, after $2.50/month cash back credit.

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News from PAR-TWO

 The Steady Ed Headrick Disc Sport Weekend
More local coordinators are needed.  Currently there are 24 courses participating. 

Do you have an event already planned for the same weekend?  No problem, just add this to your event.

Any disc sport is acceptable to be a part of this festival style event.

The date is not yet set, however it looks like September 21st and 22nd, 2002.

 Steady Ed Photos
Here is a link to some photos of Steady Ed courtesy of Chuck from the Minnesota Frisbee Association.
(more details)
 PDGA Membership Drive
PAR-TWO will be starting their 2003 PDGA membership drive.  If you join through PAR-TWO you will also get extras for help making PAR-TWO Disc Golf Society a PDGA Affiliate Club.
(more details)
 Brent Hambrick Memorial Photos
Most of the photos from the Brent Hambrick Memorial will be removed from the website.  Get what you want and/or request a higher resolution image before they are gone.
 World Record Ace?
Brent Bell may have set a new world record for the longest Ace.  726 foot ace on 18 blue  @ Diamond X DGC - Billings, MT.
(more details)
 A request from PAR-TWO
Please consider adding http://www.par-two.com to your Yahoo! profile's Cool Link section and any other website you have.
 Volunteer to be a PAR-TWO Hometown Rep.
This is an unofficial position.  I am looking for one or two people from each city or general area to help promote disc golf.  A major city like Columbus could possibly have 4 reps within it.  A PAR-TWO rep would be responsible for organizing local publicity events.  It should take only a few hours a week and half of that time should be near recreational.  Let me know if you are interested and we will exchange emails. jimm@par-two.com



 Update YOUR Information
Let PAR-TWO know what CITY and STATE you live in and disc golf in.  This will help us send you content that you are interested in.
 Make other athletes aware of disc golf!

We are in 102nd place with 26,000 points!  That makes our pace to finish the month with 32,240 points. 

Visit our site each week when you receive the newsletter.  If we get to the 60,000 point mark we will be in the top category for eTeamz monthly contest!  Even if we don't win, we do win, disc golf will be recognized by millions of athletes!

Each week when you receive this newsletter take 10 seconds and visit PAR-TWO and then click on the "Tips and Drills" section.  Then feel free to visit the rest of the site. 

If everyone receiving this newsletter would just visit the site we would have over 35,000 points each month. Add visiting the "Tips and Drills" section and our total would skyrocket to over 182,000 points per month which would DEFINITELY get disc golf noticed by the millions of athletes at eTeamz.

eTeamz also awards three monthly prizes.

  • One for sites between 20K and 40K points.
  • One for sites between 40K and 60K points.
  • One for sites over 60K points.

Any prize won will help the growth of disc golf.

 Hometown Disc Golf News
Don't forget to check out the Hometown Disc Golf News section of the website.  Read the latest 20 electronic newspaper articles on the topic of disc golf, from hometown newspapers across the country.

Here's a few of the latest articles...

Disc-golfers want Ocean View plot preserved for course...
Virginian Pilot   Sat Aug 24 06:12:00 EDT 2002
Champion disc golfers give BHSU course a good review...
Black Hills Pioneer   Wed Aug 21 16:13:00 EDT 2002
Board receptive to 'disc golf'...
Sussex Sun   Tue Aug 20 17:50:00 EDT 2002

(17 more available online)

 Join PAR-TWO's  website as a Member
Just visit the site and browse around until you click on a Member Only link and a form will appear for access.  
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  • If you encounter any problems email jimm@par-two.com
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News from the PDGA

Top 20 money earners YTD

1 Ken Climo  4297 $ 14072  FL
2 Barry Schultz  6840 $ 12116  WI
3 Cameron Todd  12827 $ 10972  GA
4 Shawn Sinclair  10819 $ 10562  CA
5 David Feldberg  12626 $ 10087  MI
6 Brian Schweberger  12989 $ 9402  NC
7 Ron Russell  9999 $ 8475  FL
8 Geoff Lissaman  2007 $ 8324  CA
9 Steve Rico  4666 $ 8136  CA
10 Larry Leonard  3832 $ 7860  NC
11 Mike Young  7808 $ 7803  AL
12 Todd Branch  11795 $ 7196  MI
13 Al Sugar Schack  3407 $ 7096  MO
14 Avery Jenkins  7495 $ 6150  OH
15 Juliana Korver  7438 $ 5939  IA
16 Walter Haney  6001 $ 5806  NC
17 Lesli Herndon  13526 $ 5300  GA
18 Johnny Lissaman  2008 $ 5256  CA
19 Brad Hammock  5912 $ 5046  GA
20 Kevin McCoy  9453 $ 4908  OK
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Upcoming PDGA Events (at least 3 weeks)

(more details are on PAR-TWO's Calendar or the PDGA Schedule)
The information contained in this section is collected from various
sources and is thought to be reliable, but cannot be guaranteed.
Start Date Duration Event (click for more information) PDGA City State
30-Aug-02   West Virginia Doubles X Paw Paw WV
31-Aug-02 2 days 14th Edgewood Labor Day Classic C Madrid IA
31-Aug-02 2 days 27th Oklahoma State FDCs C Tulsa OK
31-Aug-02 2 days 9th Northwoods Open B Lac du Flambeau WI
31-Aug-02 2 days Lewiston Luau B Lewiston NY
31-Aug-02 2 days MDGO Finals X Ludington MI
31-Aug-02   New England Disc Golf Championship X Auburn ME
31-Aug-02 2 days Outlaw Singles Shootout B Round Rock TX
31-Aug-02 2 days Sierra Shootout - Ams B Grass Valley CA
31-Aug-02 2 days Southern National Championships B Mobile AL
31-Aug-02 2 days West Virginia Open B Paw Paw WV
6-Sep-02   Lumberjack Doubles X Comstock MI
7-Sep-02   2nd Shenandoah Shag C Strasburg VA
7-Sep-02 2 days Florida State DGCs - Ams C Rockledge FL
7-Sep-02 2 days Frontier Open C Hays KS
7-Sep-02   Hastings Open C Hastings MN
7-Sep-02 2 days In Flight Lumberjack Open A Kalamazoo MI
7-Sep-02 2 days Lake Cumberland Open B Somerset KY
7-Sep-02   Lake Russell Open C Elberton GA
7-Sep-02 2 days Mr Big Putts Open C Abilene TX
7-Sep-02   Paul Fein Challenge 2002 MADC Invitational R Philadelphia PA
7-Sep-02 2 days Santa Maria Open B Santa Maria CA
7-Sep-02 2 days Zephyr Cove Resort's Northern Nevada States C Zephyr Cove NV
8-Sep-02   Calvert Open B College Park MD
8-Sep-02   KDGA Vintage Championships X North Monmouth ME
13-Sep-02 3 days United States Amateur Championships M Milford MI
14-Sep-02 2 days Cedar Rapids Open B Cedar Rapids IA
14-Sep-02 2 days Eric Yetter Memorial A Newtown/Erwinna PA
14-Sep-02 2 days Eugene Celebration B Dexter OR
14-Sep-02 2 days Florida State DGCs - Pros C Rockledge FL
14-Sep-02 2 days NorCal Series Finals B    
14-Sep-02 2 days South Carolina FDCs C Chapin SC
14-Sep-02   The Hoosier Daddy C Fort Wayne IN
14-Sep-02 2 days Toronto Disc Golf Championships C Etobicoke ON
14-Sep-02 2 days Utah Challenge at Solitude Mountain Resort B Solitude UT
14-Sep-02 2 days Wright Brothers Autumn Classic B Dayton OH
If you have an event coming up no matter how big or small, send in the details.
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Upcoming Non-PDGA Events (2 weeks)

(more details are on PAR-TWO's Calendar)
The information contained in this section is collected from various 
sources and is thought to be reliable, but cannot be guaranteed.
Start Date Duration Event (click for more information) City State
28-Aug-02 day Conocido Handicap Phoenix AZ
28-Aug-02 day Emerald Handicap Mesa AZ
28-Aug-02 day Pinetop Handicap Pinetop - Lakeside AZ
29-Aug-02 day Vista Handicap Scottsdale AZ
31-Aug-02 2 days Top of the Pines Pinetop - Lakeside AZ
31-Aug-02 2 days WEST VIRGINIA OPEN Paw Paw WV
1-Sep-02 1 day 2002 Village Rumble South Bend IN
1-Sep-02 day Sunday Doubles Bowling Green OH
1-Sep-02 day Tucson Handicap Tuscan AZ
1-Sep-02 day Vista Doubles Scottsdale AZ
2-Sep-02 1 day Club Dead Flip City Doubles Hart/Shelby MI
2-Sep-02 day Conocido Blind Draw Doubles Phoenix AZ
4-Sep-02 day Conocido Handicap Phoenix AZ
4-Sep-02 day Emerald Handicap Mesa AZ
4-Sep-02 day Pinetop Handicap Pinetop - Lakeside AZ
5-Sep-02 day Vista Handicap Scottsdale AZ
7-Sep-02 1 day PAUL FEIN CHALLENGE 2002 MADCI Philadelphia PA
8-Sep-02 1 day Mark Smith Memorial St. Cloud MN
8-Sep-02 day Sunday Doubles Bowling Green OH
8-Sep-02 day Tucson Handicap Tuscan AZ
8-Sep-02 day Vista Doubles Scottsdale AZ
9-Sep-02 day Conocido Blind Draw Doubles Phoenix AZ
If you have an event coming up no matter how big or small, send in the details.
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Member's Corner

 This Week's Member Feedback / Question
"Sometimes when I throw everything works out right and other times the disc goes off in a wrong direction. What's going wrong?" 


Ask a question...
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Submit your feedback OR your question.

 Responses to Last Week's Question
"How do I learn to snap the disc harder to get more distance?"


One exercise you can do is snap a towel, like cracking a whip.


Thanks Jimm
Director: PAR-TWO Disc Golf Society

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