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Volume 1 Issue 6
June 25 - July 1, 2002
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 Your Help is Needed to Get Disc Golf Recognized.

Let's show eTeamz that disc golf is a respectable sport!

Help get PAR-TWO ranked in the top ten. To achieve this every member of this newsletter would need to visit the site daily, you could set your start page to Just visiting the site gives us 11 points. Visit the "Tips and Drills" section and that's 50 more points (only once a day). For every different page you visit we earn another point, up to 30 pages per day.

eTeamz also award three prizes each month. If we happen to be one of the winners I plan on putting the winnings back into the growth of disc golf, I could hand out discs at the course, sponsor an event, buy a basket or two for a park to get a taste of disc golf or giveaway discs to the users that got us there.

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 User Feedback Needed
Everyone is encouraged to provide feedback in the Member's Lounge and other areas of the newsletter.

If you would like to contribute to any section of this newsletter let me know by responding to this email with a story, an event, a disc golf joke, a one-liner or even a new section.  All responses will be considered for publication.

 The last week to join, will return for 2003.
Our PDGA membership drive for the is still on.

PAR-TWO Disc Golf Society will be submitting a bulk membership order to the PDGA.  2002 PDGA membership dues are $30.00 for amateurs or $50.00 for professionals.  We need 7 more people to join or renew their PDGA memberships.

Membership packages can either be delivered to any course within a 90 minute drive of Columbus, or for an additional $5.00 we will ship to any where in the continental US.

PAR-TWO/PDGA Affiliate Club benefits
  • Your choice of any "PAR-TWO/MindLeaders Disc Golf League" golf disc from our stock.
  • Your choice of any "PAR-TWO/MindLeaders Disc Golf League" mini-marker from our stock.
PDGA Affiliate Club benefits
  • Take the PDGA officials test with no fee. ($10.00 value)
  • A PDGA Course Directory ($15.00 value)
  • 10% off at Discovering The World excluding baskets and promotional discounts.

PDGA benefits

  • a lifetime PDGA member number
  • Custom logo golf disc (new members only)
  • Personalized mini-disc (new members only)
  • Disc Golf Rule book (new members only)
  • Personal 2002 membership card
  • bumper stickers (renewing members only)
  • and an annual subscription to the PDGA's official publication, Disc Golf World News. (worth the price of membership by itself)

(more details and the benefits of joining the PDGA through PAR-TWO Disc Golf Society.)

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Upcoming Events

(more details are on PAR-TWO's Calendar or the PDGA Schedule)
The information contained in this section is collected from various
sources and is thought to be reliable, but cannot be guaranteed.
Start Date Duration Event PDGA City State Course
June 26, 2002 day Codorus Tags No Hanover PA Codorus
June 27, 2002 day Random Draw Doubles No Terre Haute IN Deming
June 29, 2002 1 day DAM DOUBLES     PA Walter Dam
June 29, 2002 1 day MADC GENERAL MEETING     MD  
June 29, 2002 2 days PATAPSCO PICNIC   Patapsco MD  
June 30, 2002 day CFDGC Sunday Doubles No Westerville OH Hoover
June 30, 2002 day Codorus Tags No Hanover PA Codorus
July 4, 2002 day Random Draw Doubles No Terre Haute IN Deming
July 6, 2002 2 days Brent Hambrick Memorial Open-Ams B Westerville OH Hoover
July 6, 2002 1 day Sedgley Monthly     PA Sedgley Woods
July 7, 2002 1 day Dream Team Doubles No South Bend IN Rum Village
July 7, 2002 1 day BIG ARM CLASSIC       Prompton Dam
July 11, 2002 day Random Draw Doubles No Terre Haute IN Deming
July 13, 2002 2 days SPORTSFEST/OCTAD   Allentown PA  
July 13, 2002 1 day FEEL THE LOVE No Lewisberry PA Pinchot Park
July 18, 2002 day Random Draw Doubles No Terre Haute IN Deming
July 20, 2002 2 days ANIMALFEST V     NY Warwick
July 21, 2002 7 days PDGA AMATEUR WORLDS   Miami FL Courses
July 25, 2002 day Random Draw Doubles No Terre Haute IN Deming
July 27, 2002 1 day JERSEY JAM     NJ Rutgers, Douglas College
July 28, 2002 1 day CROSSTOWN DOUBLES       Rowland / Buchmiller
If you have an event coming up no matter how big or small, send in the details.


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Member's Corner

 This Week's Member Feedback Question
"How to throw an accurate roller"
Answer this users question.

Submit your question.



 Responses to Last Week's Question
"I have noticed that when putting into the wind or at my back the disc reacts extremely. Does anyone have any pointers for me?" Anonymous
Putting into the wind your disc can fly up and over the basket. Use a stable putter . Wind against your back the disc will drop. Wind can be tricky and challenging. 
SJ - Medina, OH

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