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Volume 1 Issue 3
May 28-June 3, 2002
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The newsletter will be sent out on a weekly basis, hopefully every Tuesday, so TDs and event coordinators can submit their weekend's results. 

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First off I would like to apologize for the delay in getting this newsletter out this week. PC problems snowballed for a week long effort in getting back up and running.

Our PDGA membership drive for the is still on.

PAR-TWO Disc Golf Society will be submitting a bulk membership order to the PDGA.  2002 PDGA membership dues are $30.00 for amateurs or $50.00 for professionals.  We need 7 more people to join or renew their PDGA memberships.
Membership packages can be delivered to any course within a 90 minute drive of Columbus.

(more details and the benefits of joining the PDGA through PAR-TWO Disc Golf Society.)

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Upcoming Events

(more details are on PAR-TWO's Calendar or the PDGA Schedule)
StartDate Duration Event PDGA City State Course
June 1, 2002 2 days Shoot the Breeze Open B Ashtabula OH Lakeshore
June 1, 2002 1 day The Lion's Cup No Ligonier IN Kenney Park
June 1, 2002 1 day 2002 CFDGC TOP GUN 4/5 No Westerville OH Hoover
June 2, 2002 day CFDGC Sunday Doubles no Westerville OH Hoover
June 2, 2002 1 day MDGO #5 XB Midland MI  
June 8, 2002 1 day Shadow Doubles - Ams XC Milford MI  
June 8, 2002 1 day FEEL THE LOVE No Lewisberry PA Pinchot Park
June 9, 2002 day CFDGC Sunday Doubles No Columbus OH Griggs
June 15, 2002 1 day June Sedgley Monthly No Philadelphia PA Sedgley Woods
June 16, 2002 day CFDGC Sunday Doubles No Westerville OH Hoover
June 23, 2002 day CFDGC Sunday Doubles no Columbus OH Griggs
June 30, 2002 day CFDGC Sunday Doubles No Westerville OH Hoover
July 6, 2002 2 days Brent Hambrick Memorial Open-Ams B Westerville OH Hoover
August 17, 2002 1 day 2002 CFDGC TOP GUN 5/5 No Westerville OH Hoover
If you have an event coming up no matter how big or small, send in the details. Don't forget the send the results after the event. 

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Event Results

No results reported, this area will be hyper-linked to the event's official website, if your event does not have a website I can create one for you.


Don't forget the send the results after the event. 

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Member's Corner

This Week's Member Feedback
"If anyone is ever in IDAHO and makes it over to Idaho Falls, check out our new course located on the Snake river with Willow Creek running through the course...very nice and scenic!" Frank - 
Add Your Response to be posted next week.
Responses to Last Week's Question
"How do I get my disc to turn right?  I throw backhanded with my right hand."  DBretz of Columbus, OH

I would suggest getting an under-stable disc like the 

If you have any of the following discs you will want to try them: Xpress, Archangel, Leopard, Panther, Stingray, Stratus, Comet, Eclipse, Wolf.

Next you need to get the disc to generate a lot of RPM's so spin it hard.  This will increase the amount of air flowing over the disc which will make it more under-stable (turn right). 

Finally apply a little anhyzer to the disc, that it lift the left edge of the disc, just lift it a little because the angle of release can go a long way in getting the disc to turn.


Have a question? Submit it for our users feedback.

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