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Volume 1 Issue 2
May 21-27, 2002
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The premier issue of this newsletter was sent out, and was well accepted by the readers!

As you can tell the format/layout of the newsletter is being "played" with.  Let me know what is good and what's not.  Thanks 

Do you have a story or event? Write it up and send it in for consideration.

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The newsletter will be sent out on a weekly basis, hopefully every Tuesday, so TDs and event coordinators can submit their weekend's results.

First off I would like to apologize for the delay in getting this newsletter out this week. PC problems snowballed for a week long effort in getting back up and running.

Our PDGA membership drive for the is still on.

PAR-TWO Disc Golf Society will be submitting a bulk membership order to the PDGA.  2002 PDGA membership dues are $30.00 for amateurs or $50.00 for professionals.  We need 7 more people to join or renew their PDGA memberships.
Membership packages can be delivered to any course within a 90 minute drive of Columbus.

(more details and the benefits of joining the PDGA through PAR-TWO Disc Golf Society.)


Last Week's Event Results
This Week's Events
(more details on PAR-TWO's Calendar)

Hall of Chains Classic in Canton/Massilon, OH
Results reported by Brad Schick

1st - Brad Schick
2nd - Kevin Stewart
3rd - Jim Stilgenbauer

1st - Doug Corea and Darren Harper tied

1st - Lisa Warner
2nd - Sharron Jenkins

1st - Steve Heckathorne (sp?)

Michiana Open in Mishawaka, IN
No results were reported

Homies Spring Fling in Hammond, IN
No results were reported

May 18 - 19, 2002
Marc Queen's Athens Disc Golf Rretreat
No results were reported

May 18, 2002
Top Gun #3 @ BHMDGC @ Hoover Reservoir
No results were reported

May 19, 2002
MDGO #4 in Lansing, MI
No results were reported

May 19, 2002
CFDGC Sunday Doubles at BHMDGC @ Hoover Reservoir
No results were reported

Saturday, May 25 2002
Cambodia fund-raiser: 8:00AM-6:00PM

David Slocum will be hosting a tournament to raise money for a short-term missions trip he will be going on with his church, Xenos Christian Fellowship (

First 100 people out will receive a disc. He will also have prizes for people who score the highest in 2 or 3 different levels (beginning, advanced, pro perhaps).  The entry fee is going to be $15.

Everyone is encouraged to come out to this event. 
David Slocum
Brent Hambrick Memorial Disc Golf Course @ Hoover Reservoir

Saturday, May 25 2002
Registration Begins 9:00 Tee Off 10:00

E-mail or call your entry info and hope to see ya there...

PRO $25

Juniors receive PDGA golf disc with entry!
Two rounds of 18 with Final Nine for top four players featuring the infamous "Lake Hole"  Nine temporary baskets with 18 varied tee placements. It's a great, fun course...ask ANYONE who has played. Lots of games, ace fund, CTP's, etc. 

Send name, address, phone#,Div,PDGA #(if any)to:
3698 Pansy Rd.
Clarksville, OH 45113
or email info to 

More information at

Cowan Lake State Park in Wilmington, OH


Sunday, May 26 2002
Moraine Challenge: TBA
PDGA C Tier event
Art Heilman
Valparaiso, IN

Sunday, May 26 2002
CFDGC Sunday Club Doubles: 11:00AM-1:00PM
Griggs Reservior
If you have an event coming up no matter how big or small, send in the details. Don't forget the send the results after the event. 

Disc Golf News around the world.

New World Distance Record
An Innova Team Member shatters the distance record!  Check PAR-TWO's website for more details

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Team MODGA has completed it's roster for the Can Am Cup. (more details at

Member's Corner

Last week's question:

"How do I get more distance in my drives?"


First of all throw the disc flat.

With a disc that fades at the end of it's flight you will need to snap the disc more, so that you increase it's rotation.

When practicing in an open field throw for accuracy (flat level flight), then throw for distance.

When using this procedure you should be able to increase you distance quite a bit, while getting the disc where you  want it.

Adding Force to your throw

When adding more speed and force you will also want to push the disc away from and behind you.  You will want to imagine that you are reaching back to grab it and give it a straight jerk to throw it. Sort of like you are pull starting a lawn mower but straight across both shoulders and your chest.  Keeping your wrist bent so that it snaps at the end of your motion

Follow through with your shot.

Get a Grip

The best grip for you to throw your farthest is the one that you are comfortable with. Everyone's hand is shaped differently, and their fingers are different sizes along with the different variables regarding the disc's rim.

You need to use the grip that works with your hand and the discs you throw. There are however three rules to follow no matter which grip you choose.

A firm grip on the disc is essential.

The position of your thumb is a factor to keep the nose of the disc down. When your thumb is close to the rim it will keep the nose of the disc down. Keep your thumb close to the rim, the closer your thumb is to the rim the lower your throw should be. Place your thumb towards the center of the disc and the higher the nose will be.

A grip that uses all four fingers will have more power. A new thrower’s common mistake is to rest their index finger on the outside rim of the disc. A grip with all four fingers under the disc is the most powerful grip you can use. Release you fingers from your pinky to your index finger, which will increase the spin of the disc causing it to fly farther.

JCrawford - Columbus, OH


Have a question? Submit it.

This week's question:

"How do I get my disc to turn right?  I throw backhanded with my right hand"

DBretz of Columbus, OH


Add Your Response to be posted next week.

Thanks Jimm
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